Petit Vour Beauty Box Review

All hail the subscription box! I’ve tried a great many, and I’ve seen the good the bad and the ugly of customer service, product packaging, billing, tracking packages, and the products themselves.  In scouring the internet for vegan beauty boxes, the overall goal is finding new quality products that meet my needs and values.  Other things I look for are how easy it is to sign up, how well the products will work with my skin tone and base, and the sizes of delivered products being larger than a sample (unless it’s an added extra just to try).

A box I’ve found that meets my standards? Petit Vour Beauty Box.

Overall, Petit Vour can back up their claims in terms of what they send and what size I can expect.  After all, since the name means ‘small vegan luxury’ you know right up front not to expect 18 oz. of moisturizer to show up monthly. That’s not to say they don’t surprise you with full-sized items every once in a while. Their business model is based on trying a smaller version of a product that you might want to purchase if you love it. And most that are specifically tailored to the personal profile survey that you fill out once you sign up.  They take the time and the energy to try and send you what you might like based on your needs.  I mean, think about it; date night at the local watering hole versus a four star Indian Fusion establishment will result in a great deal more pomp and circumstance from the higher end location with a likelihood of smaller portions.  The refined environment exudes style, desire and class, and same goes for PV and their beauty box.  You’re aware from the jump that you will be getting high end items at a lesser price than retail, for the purposes of trying it out and an invitation to purchase upon using it, loving it, and ultimately NEEDING to HAVE it!

The nitty gritty:

Price 1 mo: $15

3 mos: $45

6 mos: $90

Items 4-5 items – typically send 1 color item/palette, 1 hair care product (or a fragrance), 1 skin care item and a body care item.
Box Aesthetic Each box comes with a card detailing the items included, and the prices of the full-size versions.  Not to mention, each box comes adorably fashioned and packaged to perfection.  The box size reflects the sizes of items to reduce the likelihood of spills, breaks during shipping and transport.

Upon sign up, you fill out a customer profile and PV will send you items based on your needs/skin type.

Brands like: 100% Pure, AILA, ellovi, Fior, Jing Ai

Value $30-$40 value in each box from the website details, often with fun extras thrown in (usually sample size).  Some online reviewers have researched to find more than $40 value in the monthly box.
Shipping & Billing Each box ships between the 15-20th of the month and the customer service seems to cover all the bases. Billing takes place on the 1st of the month after receiving your first box if you have 3 or 6 month subs.
Incentives PV Points can accrue to lead to $15 or $25 off purchases via online code.

Also, periodically allow extra perks and products in boxes when you sign up for a lengthier subscription.

Honestly, my thoughts are that this subscription box is worth every cent. The mission, team, stories, and value of the company stacks up to be progressive, with the beauty needs of consumers in mind. I love that they give the consumer the option of filling out a customer profile to meet specific needs. This is crucial because I tend to have particular skin with reactions to certain products and I’m as pale as they come. The bottom line: Petit Vour excels in skincare, body, and hair care and they fulfill my penchant for luxury beauty without a great need for anything else.

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