Pelle Beauty Luxe Beauty Balm

December in the Northeast can be brutal.  For me, my years as a swimmer and cross country runner has left my face prone to dryness and frequent flare ups that include flaking around my nose and forehead during the winter months.  Lest I try, I can’t ever seem to hydrate my skin properly throughout the day.  However, I’ve recently added a secret weapon in my arsenal of skincare: new from Pelle Beauty; Luxe Beauty Balm.  Its light to the touch, yet packs a punch of hydration when I need it most.  The balm is waterless and applies flawlessly to the point that sometimes I wonder whether I’ve applied enough, but on the contrary, a little sweep over my face goes a long way.

This vegan and cruelty-free product is comprised of waxes, oils and floral notes, so I feel confident using it two or three times throughout the day because I know my skin isn’t being quenched by anything harsh.  Moreover, it comes packed with antioxidants, avocado oil and even broccoli and raspberry seed in its ingredient list.  So essentially, I literally get to wear the fruits and vegetables that I also love to eat.



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