100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara: Blackberry

If you’re like me, you have received no formal training in mascara application techniques.  That being said, when I shop for new mascara I tend to go for a slim brush, perhaps contoured, and the promise that the product will not give me spider-lashes.  100% Pure’s Fruit Pigmented Mascara: Blackberry has a fuller brush, truth-be-told, but the application goes on lightly offering more control in terms of “coloring inside the lines” for both top and bottom lashes.  Personally, I have no issue with applying a second application to darken my lashes a bit more; it allows me to manage the intensity of a dark hue.  This mascara is actually advertised as a “lengthening” product for your lashes, but I cannot confidently say it accomplishes that goal.  To be fair, I’m not completely sure I’ve ever owned mascara claiming to lengthen my somewhat short, blonde lashes to the point that it was noticeable.  Having said that, overall this mascara is not only a beautiful color; it smells like blackberry to boot!  

For my golden lashes I always choose a shade other than black on black on black since my pale complexion and red/blonde features cannot tolerate a jet-black liner or lash.  I was happy to see that the 100% Pure line had two options: blackberry (a deep purple hue) or chocolate (medium brown).  Truthfully, knowing these products all exhibit a flavorful smell (not noticeable once on the eyes but definitely upon opening the tube), I didn’t think the chocolate “flavor” would appeal to me.  Further, the purple-ish option provided a more excitement for me, which is something I always appreciate during the selection process.

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When the product is applied, it is not an overpowering couture purple like you might find in a Vogue ad.  This product completely embodies the versatility to be “every day” and is also bold enough for a night on the town.  Simply put, it pairs well with everything: matte shadows, glitter shadows, bold liners, and your work day’s subtle and minimalist eye makeup needs.  For me in particular, I find that it accomplishes the perfect delicate tint that pairs well with an earth-toned eye.  When I pair this product with eye liner, I often select a lighter liner to highlight my eye-size, as darker shades tend to make them appear smaller.  The purple tone is visible in natural light, adding an understated accent to my palette.  In the vibrant lights of nightlife, I find it accents my glittery shadows and white liner to create a fiercer look.  It’s the best of both worlds.

I would recommend this shade to women of all skin tones; while it works well on my pale ginger skin, I think it’s neutral enough to work on anyone – without being boring. When I wear a subtle, matte lip and an earthy eye, this mascara completes a pretty stunning package, if I do say so myself.  I consider mascaras outside of the typical black, black/brown safety shades as the accent to your overall look – a good pop of color will take your “naked” or earthy palette to the next level.

The Fruit Pigmented Mascaras from 100% Pure retails at $25.  I’ve had mine almost two months; it still wears beautifully and hasn’t clumped up at all. I’ll be looking to replace this soon as mascaras typically suggest swapping out for new every 1-3 months depending on the type, but from first open until now, I have experienced nothing but smooth wear and beautiful, robust color.

Click here to buy 100% Pure’s Fruit Pigmented Mascara in Blackberry on Amazon. 

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