Dry Brushing for Glowing Skin

The Healing Art of Dry Brushing Revealed

From teeth to hair and even nails, we use a variety of brushes every day in our self care rituals. Undoubtedly, it is hygienic to brush. But, have you ever brushed the largest organ of your body?

Yes, we’re talking skin. And not with a loofah and water, but with a dry brush that looks similar to the one you brush your hair with. If you’re hearing about dry brushing for skin for the first time, you are going to be amazed at how awesome a new brush can make your skin feel!

Disclaimer – if you have extremely sensitive skin, dry brushing may not be for you. We recommend starting softly and slowly, especially if you’re unsure of your skin’s sensitivity levels. Never brush over skin that is already irritated or broken!

What is Dry Brushing?

Dry brushing is literally brushing your skin while it’s dry – or sans moisture. While reported to aid lymphatic drainage, the science is out on how much it helps your overall health. At the very least, it’s a great way to exfoliate for soft, supple skin.

Do you know how many cells die every day in an adult body? It’s roughly 70 million cells! If you’re not taking the time to exfoliate, these dead cells can clog your pores and contribute to acne, rashes and pigmentation changes.

Regular practice helps to soften the skin and remove the dead cell’s sediment in the pores, brightening and cleaning your skin before you even step in the shower!

The Healing Art of Dry Brushing Revealed

Benefits of Dry Brushing

Not only are you shedding your skin daily, but you’re also a magnet for environmental toxins. Depending on where you live, you could be exposed to all kinds of chemicals – like vehicle exhaust or pesticides – that cause premature aging. We’re looking at you, smoggy cities!

Dry brushing helps slough off toxins and dead cells while invigorating the living cells. Here are the benefits we were able to corroborate on the internet.


Clearing clogged pores is the primary motive of dry brushing for exfoliation. Firm brushing motions help to remove dead cells and open clogged pores by lifting away the dead cells and toxins. And, unlike exfoliating in the shower, it’s saving your skin from extra exposure to hot water – which we all know will dry you right out.

Cellulite Repair

Although science is still exploring the benefits of using dry brushing for skin, many regular users claim that it reduces the appearance of cellulite through the invigorating nature of brushing. At the time of writing, there is no scientific evidence that this is true. Likely, the act of brushing is plumping up the skin and masking the appearance of cellulite. We’re still OK with it.

Blood Circulation

Dry brushing boosts blood circulation in all parts of the body, improving your glow and overall health. This is also believed to aid lymphatic flow and drainage.


How to Dry Brush for Glowing Skin

It’s widely recommended to dry brush 2-5 times weekly for about 5-10 minutes before getting into the shower. It rejuvenates the body and cleans your skin thoroughly.

When you’re starting out, it is better to choose a dry brush that is softer on the skin to prevent irritation as you get started – especially if you think you may have sensitive skin.

The golden rule is to avoid brushing back and forth haphazardly to prevent damaging the skin. Here’s how we got started:

1. Dry Brushing Gear

You’ll typically find three types of bristled brushes — soft, medium and rough — and you want to be sure to purchase one with a strong wooden handle. For your first brush, you may want to find one with a longer handle so you can easily reach all areas of your body. Later, you may choose to purchase multiple brushes for different parts of your body, but it’s not necessary.

We recommend using exclusive dry bristle brushes ergonomically made for your health and comfort such as Bodecare. Another wonderful dry skin brush manufacturer is Renewal Products who have been making lymphatic dry brushes since 1991.

2. Starting Motion

Grip the brush firmly and always begin with the limbs and move towards the heart. We start with our feet, then work our way up. Every motion of brushing should be directed towards the center of the body.

3. Strokes

Work in firm, short strokes from your outer limbs in towards your heart. It is best to brush each part of your body 10 times to maximize exfoliation and invigoration.

4. Under Arms

You should follow a circular motion toward the chest when dry brushing under arms, . Also, use a soft bristle brush and light pressure here when you’re new at dry brushing.

5. Torso

It is recommended to massage the back, abdomen and stomach in a circular motion.

6. Delicate Skin

For fragile skin around the faceneck, chest, and breasts, we recommend asking a doctor if its the right choice for you. Many of us choose not to brush our delicate skin to avoid irritation.

7. Shower and Moisturize

Once you complete your dry brushing ritual, continue with your normal shower routine. If you tend to have dry skin, try to use cooler water. Be sure to use your favorite body butter, lotion, or oil after your shower to lock in moisture.

Before you go

Dry brushing helps to plump and smooth the skin, improving cellulite appearance, blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, in addition to promoting a youthful glow. For more details from a trusted source, check out  this article from the Cleveland Clinic on dry brushing.

The best way to benefit from dry brushing is by making it a regular part of your self care ritual.

Will you ditch your loofah for a dry brush? Don’t forget to tell us all about it in the comments below.











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